We work with CEOs and company leaders to transform their vision, culture and business to the needs of the 21st century.


A company of
thinkers & makers.

We are a Strategic Consultancy.

We help companies make business decisions through Strategic Design.

We explore new ways to create actual value in each project, convinced that by challenging
the status quo we can implement more effective solutions.

We are guided by one question: Why not?

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How We Do It

We design with people,
for people and by people.

We share the tools and abilities of Design Thinking to resolve complex problems. We learn quickly and arrive at the best solutions through prospective investigation, open and collaborative attitude with other industries and creative focus.

  • Vision

    Reclaim purpose in order to make sense. Ignite the fuel that allows organizations to connect with the needs of individuals and society.

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  • Culture

    Make to learn and make it better. Collaborate to build more fluid and flexible leadership.

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  • Business

    Design new models to create value beyond profit, deepen relationships with people and better their day to day: This is authentic innovation.

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We design simple solutions for complex problems.


We all are hybrid thinkers.

We are all hybrid thinkers. We combine different disciplines – like business, design and social sciences – and work hand in hand with an organization’s team in order to share discoveries, design new ways of work and ascertain that an organization capitalizes on that knowlege.

We are a team that facilitates the implementation of projects. We are commited to give continuity, through validation and improvement processes. We are a team that specializes on execution.

The Plan

Introducing The Sense Economy Project

Meaning. Purpose. Sense.

It is time to rethink everything. Because hardly anything makes sense today. The relationship between business, society and people in the 21st Century demands a new beginning. Sense is the ultimate answer to the chaotic world we live in, and to find it we must start to think in a comprehensive way.

We are convinced that the 21st Century belongs to leaders, businesses and organisations that can successfully create sense and benefits, by combining purpose, meaning and passion. When visionary thinkers, businesses and organisations from different sectors come together with people, they build up a innovative society. Only in this way will we be capable of developing an inclusive and coherent world.


We’ve had the pleasure to work together with some remarkable brands.

  • Soulsight. AXA Seguros.
  • Soulsight. BBVA.
  • Soulsight. Desigual.
  • Soulsight. Ikea.
  • Soulsight. Gas Natural Fenosa.
  • Soulsight. Movistar.
  • Soulsight. San Miguel.
  • Soulsight. Vodafone.
  • Soulsight. Mondelez.
  • Soulsight. Cinfa.
  • Soulsight. Alsa.
  • Soulsight. ING Direct.


What's going on!


How can we help?

We’ve created an all-encompassing headquarters for all things grownup.
A comfy, inviting, and functional place for you to learn, read, chat, dream, and get things done.

Salustiano Olozaga, 5. 3º dcha.
28001 Madrid. España.
Telf.: +34 91 571 86 09


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