Soulsight Design Strategy

Shaping the human side of change.

We empower CEOs and change leaders to make impactful business decisions from strategic design and the humanities.

We collaborate with leaders and CEOs who realize that the status quo must be challenged to build a thriving business relevant to society.

We are a strategy and innovation consulting firm.

We have worked for over 18 years with companies and leaders who believe a new way of doing business is possible.

We generate spaces of meaning and trust to help companies make courageous decisions in times of uncertainty.

We believe in companies as agents of change capable of positively impacting society, the economy and the planet.

We use design for its transformative and creative power and the humanities to understand the needs and future of society.

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We collaborate radically with our clients by designing solutions to complex problems in three fundamental areas for any company.

Vision & Strategy

We help companies to project themselves and define strategies to navigate social and technological changes from a legitimate standpoint.

People & Culture

We work on the internal transformation of organizations to empower talent and have an impact on the business.

Innovation & Business

We design new growth possibilities for the businesses, aligned with the strategy and the needs and changes of society.

We design meaningful solutions for complex problems.

Mahou San Miguel

Integrating sustainability into the company’s strategy and DNA

We transitioned from the CSR model to consider sustainability as a transversal axis of the company’s entire strategy through collaboration and integration with all areas and defining an action plan with short- and long-term commitments.

Siemens Gamesa

Establishing a culture of trust after the merger

We worked on rediscovering the new company’s purpose after the integration of Siemens Windpower and Gamesa. We co-designed and globally transformed the culture that unites the company through people. We involved more than 250 employees in 12 countries with whom we worked to co-design the global culture and its translation into the local reality of each region.


Design of a digital health service

We developed a new independent digital health service through the corporate venture building model. We work from the identification of the opportunity, the conceptualisation of the value proposition, business model and product and accompany throughout the process of development and market launch.

Savia: health through a digital service


Redesigning the portfolio of services with a customer vision

We identify the archetypes of consumer behaviour in the energy transition. We redesign the portfolio of traditional and smart products and services according to the transformation moment the sector goes through and from a relevant vision for the user. We materialise the proposal through prototypes in the different digital channels.

We’ve had the pleasure of working for some notable brands.

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The place where we become aware of the world around us.

We are hybrid thinkers

We are hybrid thinkers. We combine different disciplines such as business, design and social sciences to work hand in hand with our clients to share discoveries, design new ways of working and ensure that organizations capitalize on the knowledge generated.

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