Business & Innovation

Business model design

The impact of product and services in our daily lives makes brands more profitable. Nevertheless, most companies are suffering from a lack of trust and creativity. We believe that technology is not the only solution, that’s why we work with committed and diverse teams to create unique value, that is differential from what others offer, connecting with the real needs of people and delivering ethical, human, and radical solutions.

– Identify opportunities and business lines

– Product & services development

– Strategic benchmark

– Prototype design

– Market adaptation, validations

– Scaling and implementing solutions

– Roadmaps and strategic action plans



Building a new type of relationship with customers based on sports

We conducted research to understand the different archetypes based on sports as well the value proposition for a new loyalty program. The loyalty program had to cater to the needs identified in the research as well as aligned with the purpose of the company.


Defining behavioral archetypes based on the current context of the electricity sector

Design of new portfolio of products and services aligned with the undergoing transformation of the sector. Made tangible through prototypes for different channels.

Nationale Nederlanden

Designing the future of personal financial freedom

Through a new business model that gives financial freedom to consumers.


Savia: Health through a digital service

Helping a major insurance company develop a new digital health service (mobile).