Innovation & Business

Designing new business models to define future growth.

We believe corporations significantly influence the world’s creation of new value.

Today’s global and digital economies offer an opportunity for large companies to remain relevant in the future. Simultaneously, accelerating change creates uncertainty that new players see as an opportunity to challenge the status quo.

It is increasingly important to work on creating new business models that will be the future revenue sources and develop the necessary competencies to do so.

  • Corporate venture building(Intrapreneurship)
  • Design of new products, services and experiences
  • Identification of market opportunities and new business lines
  • Definition of value propositions
  • Market research and user behavior archetypes
  • User experience design
  • Prototyping and MPV design
  • Market adaptation and validations
  • Implementation of roadmaps and action plans

At Soulsight, we design new products, services, experiences, business models and innovation processes.

We work with all sectors, collaborating radically with our clients, which provide industry knowledge, and we offer an innovative approach and methodology.

Those are the Corporate Ventures we designed and are already on the market.




Making life easier for the self-employed through a digital solution

Together with the Innocells team, we identify different business opportunities based on the detected needs of the self-employed, conceptualise a business model based on simplifying the most time-consuming bureaucratic processes (taxes, invoices, etc.), and design a digital solution.

Nomo: all the management of your business on a single platform




A new business model built around mobility

Ferrovial had initiated a project aimed at improving mobility in cities and asked for our collaboration to design a start-up with this objective. The design opportunity developed is based on the use of Ride Sharing in densely populated urban nodes. The alternative routes planning, the knowledge of idle times as well as alternative transport options are some of the features of the solution.

Wondo: El transporte adecuado cuando lo necesitas




​​Designing a new financing model for SMEs

We worked with a dedicated team from BBVA to identify new business opportunities for Spain’s most significant business sector, SMEs. We understood their behaviours and needs and found a way to make it easier for them to access finance based on the trust of friends and family. We conceptualised and designed the product of this fintech corporate venture.

Trust U: trust-based financing for SMEs



ING Direct

New P2P payment business models

We analysed the market and determined two opportunities adapted to the current context and the different payment methods.
How we relate to each other also includes transactions, and users now pay with confidence.

TWYP: the first peer-to-peer payment platform.




Designing the future of health

We worked to understand the role of health today and what health would be like without constraints. We designed a product that integrated health and wellness as a preventive measure.

Healthkeeper: Understanding the body as an interface to revolutionise health insurance: meritocracy, pay-as-you-go, personalisation…




Design of a digital health service

We developed a new independent digital health service through the corporate venture building model. We work from the identification of the opportunity, the conceptualisation of the value proposition, business model and product and accompany throughout the process of development and market launch.

Savia: health through a digital service


Innovation & Business Cases


Finding business opportunities in FMCG retailing

We conducted an exploratory exercise on the future of FMCG to build services that enhance emotions in the shopping experience.

Bank of Spain

Redefining the tendering process

We improved internal tendering processes by understanding the friction points and bottlenecks and lengthening them. We focused on the transformation of assets, collaboration between areas and the transformation of ways of thinking and working of the teams involved, who actively participate in the project.


Definir el modelo de fidelización con cliente

Desarrollamos un trabajo de entendimiento del cliente y del deporte hoy en día, que nos permitió no solo categorizarlos por comportamiento, sino saber qué propuesta de valor era clave para él. Identificamos los musts de la fidelización y entendimos qué significaba fidelizar para una empresa con un propósito tan fuerte.


Redesigning the portfolio of services with a customer vision

We identify the archetypes of consumer behaviour in the energy transition. We redesign the portfolio of traditional and smart products and services according to the transformation moment the sector goes through and from a relevant vision for the user. We materialise the proposal through prototypes in the different digital channels.

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