People & Culture

Designing resilient cultures as a lever for innovation.

Culture attracts, retains and leverages talent.

The way you work internally determines the way you deliver value externally.

Reality is increasingly changing and uncertain; having a culture and leaders who care for people ensures lasting organisations and businesses.

  • Talent and culture strategy
  • Management and facilitation of cultural change (M&A)
  • Culture design for new work models (Remote/Hybrid, Agile, etc.)
  • Leadership models
  • Organisational design
  • Diversity and inclusion (ESG)
  • Employee empowerment models (ESG)
  • Relationship models in the value chain (ESG)
Soulsight works: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
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At Soulsight, we work on designing, creating, implementing and nurturing caring cultures to create resilient organisations.

We do this from a humanistic, systemic and radical approach aligned with the organisation’s strategy and working hand in hand with courageous leaders.

In our projects, we work on a company’s culture by taking care of the harmony of its vital constants: what the company is, feels, thinks, does and lives.


People & Culture Cases


Redefining the creative process

We worked with the creative and strategic department to redefine the process, structure and way of creating new clothing.
We took inspiration from the company’s origin and refined the process to make it purer and more effective.


Incorporate the customer vision in a product company

We identified customer archetypes based on their in-store behaviour. We generated a strategic framework and a relationship model between the customer, the employee and the store as a compass to define the action plan to incorporate the customer view. We piloted the solution as we worked on changing perspective and culture in 11 stores with more than 6,000 employees.


Align internal culture around purpose

Contextualising the culture based on the company’s purpose. Taking curiosity as a transformation lever and empathy as a listening tool. Making caring for each other part of everyday life.

Siemens Gamesa

Establishing a culture of trust after the merger

We worked on rediscovering the new company’s purpose after the integration of Siemens Windpower and Gamesa. We co-designed and globally transformed the culture that unites the company through people. We involved more than 250 employees in 12 countries with whom we worked to co-design the global culture and its translation into the local reality of each region.

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