Purpose design
Purpose driven organizations perform much better. In this complex world, simplicity and relevance are strategic assets. We will help you navigate social and tech shifts, to create meaningful strategies for growth, all the while connecting you with all your shareholders to design a more human and sustainable world.
– Prospective research

– Future territories

– Strategic framework

– Narratives

– New governance models


El País

El País

Redesigning the newspaper in its digital format

We drew up a strategic framework to guide all initiatives involving the redesign of the newspaper. Moreover, we defined a series of work streams to support the newspaper and to help generate a new commitment with its purpose and its contribution to society.


Design IKEA's future store

Redefine the physical retail experience taking into account: omni-channel experience and different types of spaces and contents.

Mahou San Miguel

Integrate sustainability into an organization’s roots

Through the collaboration and integration of all areas of the company while defining an action plan with short-term and long-term commitments.


Humanize a bank through digital transformation

Design the experience in mobile banking based on users’ needs.