Vision & Strategy

Designing strategies that allow acting with courage in times of uncertainty.

Designing strategies that allow acting with courage in times of uncertainty.

When the environment changes, the certainty lies in being true to who we are and knowing who we want to be.
Companies with a clear purpose have a soul of their own that gives life to the people who work in them.

Companies with a shared and relevant vision for society achieve a more significant impact because they believe in what they do and collaborate in the same direction.

Companies that demonstrate their commitment to their purpose and vision from their strategy gain credibility in the eyes of society and can understand in what business they have legitimacy and how to make the most of their potential.

  • Purpose discovery and adaptation
  • Purpose tangibilization
  • Strategic foresight and vision
  • Identification of new business territories
  • Strategic sustainability
  • Definition of strategic framework and plans
  • Narratives and brand stories
  • New governance models
  • Social listening laboratories

At Soulsight, we create strategies that respond to the needs and create new current and future possibilities for society, business and the planet.

We do it from an understanding of the business, the sector and society, both explicitly and implicitly. From what they tell us and the interpretation of the signals detected in the multidisciplinary observation of the environment.

Vision and strategy cases


Digital transformation towards mobile banking

We designed the mobile banking experience, responding to users’ needs and humanizing the entire relationship process.


Designing the store of the future

We redefined the shopping experience for the future store, understanding that this design includes the strategy to be followed, the omnichannel experience, the different store formats, types of spaces and their contents.

El País

El País

Newspaper redesign strategy in its digital version

We developed a strategic framework to guide all the actions of the newspaper’s redesign. Working lines were defined to accompany and help the newspaper generate a new commitment to its purpose and contribution to society.

Mahou San Miguel

Integrating sustainability into the company’s strategy and DNA

We transitioned from the CSR model to consider sustainability as a transversal axis of the company’s entire strategy through collaboration and integration with all areas and defining an action plan with short- and long-term commitments.

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